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 GREEN STUFF - 13/3/21 - Urgh! I know these are really out of date too - Will do something about it soon! environmental pressure group. About 10 miles away, a fab local organic farm, with a gallery & café all in a lovely new [eco] building. Our lovely architect’s practice. The Scottish Environmental Design Association. The man who built our fabulous woodburning stove. Makers of our new teeny-tiny woodburner in the living room. More forest stuff. Fantastic wood of all shapes & sizes -  supplied the corner seat by the stove & also made our mega worktop in the big house.

PLACES WE LIKE IN PEEBLES, cakes & patisserie available to buy or munch in the little café. Also run courses on chocolate making & patisserie LEGENDARY local butcher & baker – steak pies to die for! of our favourite local restaurants – great café by day, cool, quality eaterie by night. Another of our favourites - also sell lots of good food to takeaway Brilliant restaurant cafe, about 3 miles out of town, they have also just opened (spring 2014) a lovely larder/farm shop. well -stablished eaterie, just off Northgate, great atmosphere, great food & great service.